Tyylikästä cool jazzia kuultiin jälleen, kun ranskalainen Kartet-yhtye kävi Jazz Barin sunnuntaijameissa. Mukana olivat myös Jyväskylän omat ”nuoret leijonat” Tuomo Dahlblom (gtr) ja Kalevi Louhivuori (trp).

Kartetin uusi levy ”Jyväskylä” julkaistaan Suomalaisen konservatorion Siltasalissa torstaina 22.2.2001 klo 19.00. Silloin mukana on myös vuoden 2000 Yrjö-palkittu fonisti Pepa Päivinen.

Orkesteri itse kirjoittaa: ”The group Kartet was founded in November of 1989 in Paris. Since then, its musicians come to deposit what their journeys and aesthetic commitments have brought them.

Four albums witness the patient work of the group. ”Jyväskylä” is the fourth; it also has its own story. In November of 1998, by invitation from the Finnish association ”Vapaat Äänet” of Charles Gil, Kartet leaves to examine the polar circle in one of the most northern countries of Europe.

A total diversion, magnificent countryside, a fascinating language, music linking through; a tour measured out in Finland, where earth and water interchange and form a labyrinthine territory. Ten concerts along the lakes entering into winter, two captivating weeks with those characters of the Finnish imagination: water, trees, the sky. It’s only natural that Kartet returned for 3 weeks in September of 1999, this time to teach, rehearse and record a part of the album that takes the name of the city it’s attached to: Jyväskylä.” (lähde: Suomalainen Konservatorio)